Our Support Team

In addition to our great agents, we have a wonderful support team to assist you in every aspect of your purchase, sale or relocation.

Pat McCandless

Pat McCandless - Broker, Co-Owner, Training Director

Chris Earl

Chris Earl - Supervising Broker, Co-Owner

Since Pat and Chris purchased the company in 2013, they have remained faithful to our company’s original vision: Stay true to your independence and true to your community. They encourage and appreciate our agents’ volunteer efforts in Douglas County, and they support many local charitable organizations and events. Pat and Chris are both engaged in our business every day. They are a true resource for our agents, offering one-on-one advising, problem-solving and coaching.

Brenda Childers

Brenda Childers - Accounting Coordinator
Real Estate transactions require accurate and timely handling of the money involved. Brenda is meticulous with all the details ensuring that everyone is happy at the end of the process. She’s quick to ask a question if she needs more information to get the job done, and she’s a pleasure to work with.

Katy Clagett

Katy Clagett - Closing Coordinator

Dobie Morris - Closing Coordinator

Dobie and Katy are second to none at helping our agents and their clients go from contract to closing. They work well as a team throughout this complicated process, and have honed their skills at checking every detail for accuracy. They are in constant communication with our agents, which helps ensure a successful close for each client.

Roger Dannevik

Roger Dannevik - Support Team
Signs seem to magically appear when a home goes on the market, but at Stephens, Roger is the man that makes this happen. He knows the streets of Lawrence – and the sign room of Stephens – like the back of his hand and keeps our listings visible to consumers all over town.

Michala Karn

Michala Karn - Listing Coordinator
It’s important to enter listings quickly and accurately and Michala is top-notch at accomplishing this task. She makes sure all the proper paperwork has been received from our agents, so sellers are happy and buyers can get an accurate picture of each home offered for sale by Stephens. Our agents know their listings are in good hands when Michala is on the job.

Lisa Stofac

Lisa Stofac - Marketing & Technology Coordinator
Real Estate is fast-paced and technology is an important part of our business. Lisa helps our team keep that technology working smoothly. She also coordinates our marketing initiatives and our social engagements. If our team has a question, they can always ask Lisa. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will point them in the right direction.

Caitlin Fisher - Receptionist
Caitlin keeps our office running smoothly and makes sure our guests receive a warm welcome. She does everything from maintaining supply inventories to keeping our office recycling project on track. Her desk is the welcome hub of the office and it’s not uncommon to see groups of people gathering there just to discuss their days. 

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