North Lawrence

North Lawrence House

North Lawrence is one of the most well-known, but sometimes least understood, areas of Lawrence. Situated on the north bank of the Kansas River just across from Downtown, this area is as old as Lawrence itself.

Development started around 1860, with several businesses including a store, a post office and even a ferry before the bridge was built. Eventually this community became known as Jefferson Township, but was annexed and renamed North Lawrence in 1870.

This part of town may feel a bit like a different city, with narrow streets that seem pulled from the countryside and trains that roll through like clockwork. North Lawrence definitely has its own distinctive character and is a dynamic area within the city of Lawrence.

Primarily a residential area, it’s also home to several local businesses that have been here for ages such as Johnny’s Tavern, a local favorite bar and restaurant. And the Lawrence Visitors Information Center is located in the historic Union Pacific Train Depot at 402 N. 2nd.

Many of the homes in North Lawrence were built prior to the 1960’s, but near the river levee there are several unique homes built very recently and not to be found anywhere else in town. These homes are modern and contemporary, eco-friendly, efficient, and conscious of their surroundings. The homes that have been here for years have been taken care of by residents, many of whom have lived here their whole lives and show great pride in their corner of Lawrence.

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