Outdoor Living Spaces Add Value

Warm weather has come to Lawrence, and for most of us that means we’ll be enjoying more time outdoors. If you’re a homeowner you have the opportunity to create outdoor living spaces to extend your home’s functionality and boost its value. Some homeowners want outdoor spaces with high-end furnishings and features. They want to enjoy music, television and movies outside. It’s not just grills or swimming pools that they dream of, but a true extension of their indoor living space. Other homeowners simply want a space to sit outside and read a book, have a cool drink on a hot evening or visit with family after a long day at work.

Whatever you want from your outdoor space and whether you have a small patio or an expansive backyard, you can achieve your goals. Here are several tips that can help you enhance your outdoor living area.

Add container gardens. Pots and plants come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and prices. They offer wonderful color and can help accessorize or define your space. Potted herbs are beautiful, aromatic and useful. Who wouldn’t love to snip a bit of fresh basil to use when making dinner?

Use a variety of seating options. A variety of benches, chairs and stools will ensure that you and your guests have plenty of seating to enjoy the space. Some options could include storage underneath to add functionality.

Add a fire source to make the space cozy. Whether you have a full fireplace or a portable fire pit, people will be drawn to it. It’s nice to sit outside on a cool evening and feel the warmth of a fire, and it’s enjoyable to toast marshmallows with your family and friends.

Use landscaping to add privacy. You may love your neighbors, but sometimes you prefer to spend time outside privately. Shrubs, dwarf trees, and containers with vines climbing up a trellis are great ways to shield your space.

Remember the lighting. The sun sets late during spring and summer months, but you still want a light source for your outdoor living. Candles can set the mood, and lights strung under a pergola brighten the area so your evening can continue well after sun-down.

Use your best judgement. No matter how elaborate the space may be, it costs money to create and maintain. Don’t overspend for your neighborhood if you want to recoup that money when you sell.

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