East Lawrence

The historic East Lawrence neighborhood, or “ELNA” pronounced “EL-NAH,” contains some of the most active community members and the highest concentration of artists in the city of Lawrence, KS. Comprised of homes and businesses east of Massachusetts Street, the sense of community and identity here is as distinct in our town as our town is in the state of Kansas.

There is a wide variety of homes to be found in East Lawrence, from those nearly as old as the town itself to homes with modern, forward-thinking designs that appear to be pulled from the pages of Dwell Magazine. With Downtown nearby and quick access to numerous trails and bike paths, the neighborhood is tucked into a convenient and beautiful part of our beautiful town.

While it is one of the older areas of the city, it is not without recent changes. The old warehouses at 9th and Pennsylvania have been turned into the Warehouse Arts District, and along New Hampshire Street brand new mid-rise condos are developing. If you want an opportunity to find an urban oasis in Lawrence, East Lawrence is where you will find a home.

Housing types available in ELNA: single family, multi-family, apartments, condos, single floor living, rental units, historic homes, new construction. Housing features available: high walkability, complete street, friendly neighbors, lower average home price.

Stephens Real Estate is ready to help you find your perfect home in your perfect neighborhood. Our agents know the Lawrence market, and they have the experience and the connections to help you find the home that’s right for you. Call us at 785-841-4500 or Contact Us.

Old West Lawrence

Old West Lawrence House

Old West Lawrence or OWL - like the bird - is one of Lawrence’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods. In the town’s early days, this was where the “who’s who” of Lawrence lived.

After Quantrill’s 1863 raid, Old West Lawrence boomed from 1880-1930 with the rebuilding of homes. It has recently reclaimed its prominence as the place for KU professors and deans, doctors, lawyers, and other influential, yet very friendly, Lawrencians. Homes here are eye-catching and memorable for their grandeur and quality craftsmanship; and these Queen Anne, Tutor, and Italianate homes are known across the country.

Many homes in the Old West Lawrence neighborhood have been meticulously maintained or refurbished to their original splendor. Some of Lawrence’s most notable and unique homes still can be found here, even after years of the town’s westward expansion. Interest in the neighborhood as a prime destination continues to be renewed as residents have invested in their homes to preserve their curb appeal, their historical integrity, and their interior beauty.

The pride of ownership here spills into the yards and streets where OWL is known for its friendly neighborliness and sense of place. This area has mostly single-family homes, although some have rooms for rent and others are available on long-term leases.

Stephens Real Estate is ready to help you find your perfect home in your perfect neighborhood. Our agents know the Lawrence market, and they have the experience and the connections to help you find the home that’s right for you. Call us at 785-841-4500 or Contact Us.

Mid-Century Modern in Lawrence

Lawrence Modern

Characterized by strong horizontal lines, open floor plans and a seamless flow between interior and exterior spaces, mid-century modern homes - built from 1945 to the late 1960’s - are becoming as popular now as they were then.

After World War II there was a sense of optimism and a desire to do things differently than the prior generation. American culture promoted modern residential architecture and furnishings as a new and convenient way to live. You could even purchase home plans designed by an architect from magazines and then have a local builder construct your home. Many of the house designs from that period highlighted the use of natural materials such as stone, exposed wood and large panes of glass.

The KU School of Architecture was influential due to several faculty members who changed the focus of the department from the Beaux Arts style to modernism. Several faculty members had been apprentices with Frank Lloyd Wright. KU was one of the first Universities in the mid-west to teach modernism. Many students later became architects and designed some of the significant mid-century homes in Lawrence. We are fortunate to still have quite a few interesting examples of these homes intact and preserved.

Stephens Realtor, Tom Harper founded Lawrence Modern in 2002 and soon joined forces with Bill Steele and architectural historian Dennis Domer. They spearheaded an extensive two-year survey of mid-century modern houses in Lawrence. After rating 33 homes on criteria ranging from the home’s condition to the spatial relationship of exterior elements, they chose 13 houses -- a “Baker’s Dozen” -- to highlight on their site.

Lawrence Modern aims to raise awareness of midcentury and modern architecture in Lawrence. Their goal is to encourage preservation of these homes which will ensure that future generations in Lawrence will have significant examples to appreciate and to live in.

We invite you to take a few minutes and explore lawrencemodern.com.

Spring is the Time to Plant Trees

Summertime Tree

Stephens Real Estate is all about helping you buy or sell your home. So why would we write about trees? With Arbor Day just around the corner, we started thinking about benefits of trees – to our environment, our community, and even to our bottom line as homeowners. A well-chosen tree adds curb appeal, and a well-maintained yard can eventually fetch a higher price and quicker sale for your home.

This time of year, many homeowners are ready to get back into the yard. Early starts in the garden and yard ensure lush, healthy plants - especially if you're planting trees. Young trees do best when they are put into the ground in spring and have ample time to establish themselves in the soil before extreme heat hits.

Few things can be so practical and as beautiful as a tree. It's no wonder that with the rising popularity of the do-it-yourself lifestyle, more homeowners are deciding to plant trees in their yard. Here are four simple reasons why:

1. Trees can reduce energy costs by providing shade to a house in the summer.

2. Trees naturally offset carbon emissions.

3. Because many change from season to season, trees add a variety of different colors to your yard and allow for a range of creative choices and combinations.

4. Trees help make memories. Watching a tree grow in your yard from year to year builds a connection between you, your family, your home and the memories you make there.

Get started with 10 free trees

The nonprofit Arbor Day Foundation is encouraging people to get an early start on their tree planting this year by offering 10 free flowering trees with a $10 membership. Which 10 flowering trees a new member will receive is based on what the state forester recommends or other trees selected for your area to ensure they thrive when planted.

The 6 to 12-inch trees are guaranteed to grow and are currently scheduled to be shipped in March or April, a perfect time for optimal, early season planting. So if you're already getting excited about spring projects, visit www.arborday.org/earlyplanting to make sure your trees arrive at the right time for planting where you live. (BPT)

The Right Time to Buy

The Right Time to Buy

Spring 2016 is a good time to buy a home, and the real estate market in Lawrence is heating up now. Many choose to buy in the spring because the upcoming summer break is a great time to transition to a new neighborhood and school. While rental rates are expected to rise, mortgage rates are still low, there are down payment assistance programs available for some buyers, and you can reap major tax benefits.

If you decide this is the time for you to buy, you realize it is likely the biggest financial decision of your life. It makes sense to hire a professional to help. Stephens Broker Chris Earl says, “I recommend hiring a buyer’s agent for anyone looking to buy a home. Our Realtors know what they’re doing. They know the Lawrence market, and they have the experience and the connections to help you find the home that’s right for you. The spring market is fast-paced, and your Stephens agent can help find homes you may not see online. They will work for you from the initial consultation to the closing of your new home, and the commission charged to the seller typically pays your agent’s fee.”  

So, how do you go about finding the right agent? Chris Earl or Pat McCandless, Co-Owners and Brokers at Stephens, will be happy to recommend an agent based on your specific list of wishes. Or you can visit our website – stephensre.com – to read about each agent.  There are lots of different people on our team and you’re sure to find your best match.

Today, most buyers begin their home search online. The Stephens website is a great place to search. We feature our listings plus everything from the multiple listing service in the Douglas County area. Many buyers find value – and a bit of fun – in visiting open houses. An open house may help you set realistic expectations, fine-tune your search criteria and make market comparisons.

We also recommend that you visit with a mortgage lender for loan pre-approval, so you are ready to act when you find the perfect home. Your lender can help you find a payment that best fits your budget. Working with a local lender is a good idea because they know what is expected in our market and are invested in our community.

We’re ready to help you find your new home. Contact us and let us know how we can help.

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