Maximize Every Inch of Your Home


Nowadays our homes are serving as work, school, and social space all at the same time, so trying to maximize every square inch is important. Carving out dedicated areas and creating rooms that are reconfigurable depending on the time of day has become a reality. So, we want to offer a few ideas about how to combine several activities into one space.

Tired of eating, working, and studying from the dining room table? Think about rearranging and reorganizing a bedroom - whether currently occupied or reserved for guests - it may provide the space you need. Consider replacing a fixed-frame bed with a fold-away or murphy bed. They come as stand-alone pieces or can be built into a storage wall. This will free up a spot to add a sleek, stylish desk or storage unit to create an office, schoolroom, or whatever you need.

Stand back and take a fresh look at your home. Are there underused spaces or areas that could be reimagined? If you have built-in shelving along a wall, perhaps the lower shelves can be removed to make room for a chair. Now you have a place for the kids to study. Or maybe you could repurpose your stairwell closet and transform it into a reading nook or art space.

Remember to look up when storage opportunities are few. Vertical storage is often overlooked, so make use of your walls. Hanging bars are a nice solution for awkward objects, and floating shelves are a great choice for adding storage without creating visual clutter.

Home gyms are more popular than ever. Exercise bikes, dumbbells, and yoga mats now need space – along with solutions to store them when not being used. If your equipment lives in a multifunctional area, folding screens can conceal large pieces like treadmills or ellipticals. Storage ottomans can keep your smaller accessories such as dumbbells, kettlebells, or resistance bands hidden and out of the way. Plus, they look snazzy and allow you to prop your feet up after your workout.

Take life outside. Porches, patios, and decks are great extensions of your home. Getting fresh air during a Zoom meeting, playing a game with the kids for “recess,” or getting some relaxing me-time can work wonders for your attitude. As the weather begins to turn cooler and the days become shorter, you can add a heat source to extend the time spent outside and string LED lights to brighten things up. From games to watching TV, and from grilling to dining; whatever you do for enjoyment or relaxation inside can be done in your outdoor living space; another great way to maximize every inch of your home.

Check out the “Maximize Every Inch of Your Home” board on the Stephens Pinterest page for lots of multi-function room ideas.

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