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Buying a home may seem intimidating with many complicated details, but we're here to help from beginning to end! A Stephens agent is your representative, market expert and negotiator, and will work for you and your interests from the initial consultation through the closing of your new home. This relationship is established through a Buyer’s Agency Agreement, and the commission charged to the seller typically pays your agent’s fee.

Here are the basics of Buying a home:

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The Search

This is the first step. An initial consultation with one of our agents is a great way to help outline the parameters of your search. You may choose to search for available properties by:

• Working with Your agent
• Looking online
• Using a combination of both

Visit with a mortgage lender in order to find a payment that fits your budget and for which you qualify. We recommend pre-approval so you are ready to act when you find your perfect home. After setting your parameters and selecting potential properties, the real fun of actually seeing the properties in person begins.

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The Contract

When you've selected the right property, it’s time to negotiate the contract. Contracts are negotiated by submitting an offer to purchase the property. The contract will act as a road map to closing with many key elements to be considered. Your agent will guide you through that process, and can help you look at recent data to determine the fair market value of the home you've selected. The Seller will most likely want to know that you are pre-approved for a loan. 

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The Financing

Much of the financing work will be completed with your chosen mortgage lender. Our agents are well-versed in this process and associated costs of financing, and can help guide you.

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The Inspections

During the time between an accepted contract and the closing, a major step is to complete the inspection process. We can help you find qualified inspectors to give your new home a professional check-up. After the inspections are complete, it may be necessary to negotiate any appropriate repairs.

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The Closing

This is the final step. Closing is the settlement of the transaction and will include the signing of all required documents. Once the closing is complete, the appropriate documents are recorded at the courthouse.

Now comes the best part of all...moving into your new home.


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